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ENSZ Ramps – THE name in portable ramps!

About ENSZ Ramps

ENSZ Ramp Company is a hometown business headquartered in Southwest Iowa. Our Aluminum ramps are proudly manufactured in the USA, in Brighton, Iowa. We believe that everyone who buys or owns a portable building, should have the opportunity to purchase a high quality ramp at a reasonable price.

Our Story

Our founder, Jarin Ensz, started delivering buildings for portable building company in January 2013. In early summer, when things begin to pick up, he was bombarded with questions about what to do about the building being 10” off the ground. If you own a portable building, rolling a wheelbarrow into or attempting to drive a lawn mower into one is about impossible without a ramp. In response, he began building wooden ramps to help solve the problem, but they weren’t what people were looking for.

They were difficult to attach to the buildings, cracking and splitting would occur over time, and uneven ground would cause placement issues. Thus the idea was born to manufacture them out of steel. So, the powder coated steel ramps were unveiled in late 2013/early 2014. New kit styles also rolled out in 2018, with the addition of the 2’ wide panel. Even though our steel line was a home run, that didn’t stop us. In January of 2019, our aluminum style was born.

Aluminum gives us the ability to ship directly to you, the customer, in a timely manner. They also provide ease of mobility. Depending on the panel size, they can weigh in at over 50 lbs. less than their steel counterparts, they are a dream come true for those needing to move them on a more frequent basis.

With determination, perseverance, and most importantly – quality – at the core of our business, you can be sure we’ll always provide the best ramps possible.